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An outsourced communication service, efficient, with contained costs

Service sur mesure à coûts maîtrisés


You are a small business or a very small company (TPE) and develop products or services for the eco-technology market, and you need a communications expert to help you raise your reputation.

Assign that mission to one of your employees or recruiting a new one are not necessarily the best
or the most profitable solutions. Echos concept allows you to combine the advantages of using an external service provider and the managed service system ...



Choosing Echos Concept means :

  • benefiting from the advice of an expert consultant in communications and in the eco-industrial sector: former editor-in-chief of a leading french magazine specialized in environmental technologies, I have good knowledge of the target audience you are addressing;

  • reducing risks: as a provider, I work closely with you and our contract requires me to respect my commitments for the payment of my fees;

  • benefiting from a fresh and objective assessment, while an employee could be too close of the situation to appreciate it in its true light and hesitate to question the communication strategy developed internally (if any);


  • getting a provider who is committed to 100% on your project: Member of Medias pour un Futur durable, I work under the managed service system and can concentrate on the mission you entrust me, while an independent provider has administrative duties, and an internal person might have to manage priorities based on his multiple tasks ...;

  • having the assurance of being able to appeal to a broader range of targeted skills and means, with Medias pour un Futur Durable's team, as well as the means for disseminating information of a true specialized media.


  • Save time: recruitment takes weeks while I am available immediately: just call us so we can examine your needs and start a mission;


  • no long-term commitment: if the mission entrusted is punctual, collaboration stops when it is over: no notice of contract termination, dismissal, or severance pay...


  • Profitable! With Echos Concept, you avoid the long-term costs of recruitment: no increase of your payroll, no social contributions or overhead costs to pay, no benefits to be provided: you simply pay the fixed price agreed or the hourly price multiplied by the number of hours spent on the project.

  • Cleantech SMBs and trade associations: boost your communication with Echos Concept

    Echos Concept: your French B to B communication provider
    in the field of clean technologies, renewable energies and sustainable development.



    Echos Concept trade mark was created in 2012 by Bruno Mortgat, former editor-in-chief of Environnement & Technique magazine.  Echos Concept covers a range of B to B communication services, tailored to the specific needs of companies and trade association in the cleantech sector and the Environment and Sustainable Development departments of public bodies or institutions.



    These services include:

    • Content creation (web articles, press releases, newsletters), 

    • Press relations, 

    • Community management, 

    • Events organization, workshops facilitation,

    • Development or assistance in the drafting and rewriting of documents or books...

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    Echos Concept

    Tel : +33 (0)6 51 237 267


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